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What is a Collibra Certified Ranger?

The Collibra Certified Ranger (CCR) is an expert who plays a key role in the successful completion of Data Governance projects and bears a considerable role to achieve customer success. The ranger:

  • demonstrates a unique blend of business and technical consulting skills and focuses on the success of the solution at customer's site;
  • drives the business case, the project/program roadmap, the customer and/or partner project team, the solution architecture; and
  • coordinates the project execution from start to finish.

The Collibra Certified Ranger leverages his/her data governance technical knowledge and industry experience to implement Collibra Data Governance solutions in diverse industries including Banking & Financial Services, Oil & Gas, Pharma & Healthcare, Science & Education, etc.

What is the Collibra Certified Ranger accountable for?

On smaller projects (typically less than 20 days,) the Collibra Certified Ranger goes solo at the customer's site, backed by the broader Collibra community.

On larger projects (typically several months) the Collibra Certified Ranger leads the project team (mix of customer and / or partner team members). Responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

  • planning, executing and following up implementations of Collibra technology as a solution for the customer case;
  • demonstrating the ability to relate business problems to the underlying data and how the software can offer a solution;
  • demonstrating and (re-)utilizing knowledge of best practices for related business problems;
  • positioning Collibra in the existing application landscape, and directing architecture, design and execution for any required integration;
  • supporting the customer implementation, both functionally (e.g., analysis, design, ...) and technically (e.g., performing software installation, BPMN workflow engineering, setting up scripts, calling Web Service/RESTful APIs, adding a Java modules, creating an integration with a target system, etc;)
  • providing focused training and enablement sessions on the solution (e.g., import, export, workflow, API, installation, integration, operating model configuration, etc.)

Diffusing Collibra’s vision in a developing market category, the Collibra Certified Ranger optimizes knowledge transfer to customers and partners, as well as to Collibra R&D teams. Hence, additional responsibilities also include:

  • communicating new user stories derived from the implementation experience to Collibra’s product management;
  • contributing documentation to our knowledge base & community site (Collibra Compass and Collibra University);
  • engage with customers, peers and staff in the Collibra Community on clarifying requirements, new cases and solutions.

What is the Ranger Program?

The Ranger Program is a training, evaluation and certification program that delivers the most comprehensive Collibra Data Governance credential. 

What qualifications do I need to enroll in the program?

To qualify for the Collibra Certified Ranger Program you need the following prerequisite skills:

  • Excellent verbal & written communication skills
  • Experience in consulting with senior-level executives
  • Strong business and/or technical analysis background, with good analytical and problem solving skills
  • 3+ years experience in Data Governance & Data Stewardship context (or Data Management area)
  • Good understanding of BPMN framework and technology
  • Background in Solution architecture & Engineering

To qualify for Full Ranger, you need to demonstrate:

  • Experience with Project/Program Management
  • Experience with Data Management functions (e.g., Data Architecture, Metadata, reporting, Big Data, Business Intelligence, Data Integration, etc. see DAMA DMBOK)
  • Experience in Solution Architecture & Engineering

How do I participate in the program?

  1. Login to Collibra University using your Compass account.
  2. Complete all the assigned course modules and the six assignments.
  3. Contact to get you started and schedule your final exam to evaluate your submitted assignments. The final exam is intended:
    • to evaluate the progress made in absorbing the knowledge;
    • to identify gaps in knowledge and skills;
    • to suggest following exercises and reading;
    • to plan any required Ranger Shadowing for on the job experience building.
  4. A Collibra Certified Ranger Certificate is awarded based on the exit exam and interview(s).


What training resources are available?

  • Collibra Compass – Center for factual knowledge and Q/A about DG product, solutions and best practice
  • Collibra University – Center for self-paced learning and certification in data governance, stewardship and data management activities


How much does it cost?

Please reach out to a Collibra Representative at for specific pricing.


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