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Welcome to Collibra's product documentation page

This page contains links to the officially released documentation. It also provides search capability so you can find answers quickly and then bookmark pages so you can come back to them later.

Access via Login, Registration and Cookies


All the Collibra documentation is open for browsing without the need to register or have a login. Some prior Compass users may still have browser cookies which cause them to be prompted to first logout before they can access the pages. The login/logout button in the upper right corner can be used for this purpose. After logging out and a period of time the cookie will expire and they will no longer have this issue.

Body of Knowledge 

Help with Collibra concepts


Body of Knowledge (BOK) is an older set of pages that describes key Collibra concepts. It has been replaced by content on Collibra University at, but a number of people still reference it so we thought we would leave it here for now. Please be aware that its not official product documentation is not being updated.







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